Remember, Rides Must Be Booked a Minimum of 24 hours in Advance, or For Same Day Bookings, Give Us a Call at 970-920-4677.

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Outdoor Horseback Riding Tours

Please be aware that our cutoff age for children to go on any ride other than pony rides is 7. Arrangements can be made for a younger child to go on shorter rides by requesting a private ride, which is double the money but at the exclusion of all others

When you click "Book Now", it is only a request for that ride and you must wait for a confirmation from us. Rides Must Be Booked a Minimum of 24 hours in Advance, or For Same Day Bookings, Give Us a Call at 970-920-4677!

After Booking, You Will Receive 2 Emails, One Saying Your Request for a Reservation Has Been Accepted, and Another Accepting or Declining Your Booking.  If You Do Not See These Emails, Please Check Your Spam folder. 
Please call for information on private rides for children under 7. 

1 Hour Ride

Enjoy a relaxing ride through the thick of the Aspens!  One of our most relaxing and laid back rides, the hour ride takes you along side a snowmelt stream that runs through the Aspen grove.  A great ride for those looking to relax, or those who have children who have never ridden.
Daily at 9:30am, 11am, 1pm, and 2:30pm


1 and ½ Hour

This ride through the Aspen trees is a treat for anyone. Enjoy spectacular views of Pyramid Peak as your backdrop. This ride is 1 ½ hours and is great for groups with younger children and those afraid of heights. This is a great ride for those looking for a laid back, relaxed ride.
11:00, 2:30, and 4:30


2 Hour Ride

Ride along the Maroon Creek, and experience a great variation in landscape and scenery!  This ride begins on some typical Rocky Mountain hills, moves through some Aspen grove, even passes through an old avalanche site, and passes through some meadow areas as well!  Enjoy the stunning views and a great ride!
Daily at 9am, 11:30am, and 2pm


Scenic Half Day Lunch Rides

All of our lunches are served on fresh baked bread, with custom smoked turkey breast or New York strip, chips, fresh fruit and fresh baked cookies. For those that don't eat meat, we offer a veggie sandwich with fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, romaine lettuce and a splash of olive oil and balsamic glaze. We also have PBJ available for the kids.

Maroon Creek Lunch Ride

This ride leaves from our stables at the T Lazy 7 ranch and takes you through the fields of wildflowers along the banks of Maroon Creek. You will enjoy a box lunch with spectacular views of the Maroon Bells.


East Maroon Lunch Ride

Journey along East Maroon Creek through alpine meadows and past beaver ponds to our Wilderness base camp and enjoy lunch. Look for Rocky Mountain Goats on towering Pyramid Peak (14,016 feet).


Maroon Bells Lunch Ride

Our Marquis Ride! Ride through flower filled meadows and spectacular rock formations to the gem of the valley: The Maroon Bells. Have lunch at the visitor center at Maroon Lake and take in the Bells as only we can.


Full Day Ride

Take it all in from the back of one of our sure footed mountain horses for the day. We ride either the East Maroon Valley or the Willow Lake Trail. We have lunch anywhere that looks good on the way. Truly Spectacular!
(4 person minimum please)


Dinner Rides

This unique event begins with a two-hour trail ride along Maroon Creek. With the sun on your back, guests will follow the trail to our chef-prepared private dinner** next to the clear waters of Maroon Creek. The table setting is in stark contrast to the ride, as you will find tables set with linens and a roaring fire to greet you at the end of the ride. Great for the whole family!
*Does not include gratuity and alcoholic beverages; you are welcome to bring your own.

Thursday Night is local's Night! $350/Person
Private Dinner Rides (All Days but Thursday) - $400/Person  Children 12 and under $200     Non Rider Dinner $175
(Four person minimum please)

**The standard meal is a steak dinner; if you would like a custom dinner ride for your party, we will work with you on the details. Book a private ride and we can customize a menu just for you with ribs, fish, fillet mignon and our lobster dinner has been very popular.


Crested Butte Overnight Ride

Adventure seekers: This two-day ride is for you! Ride through the Maroon Bells Wilderness to the top of East Maroon Pass and drop down into Crested Butte. You are on your own for dinner and breakfast. We will return the following day to Aspen.
(4 person minimum please)
includes lodging at Grand Lodge, 2 people per room.


"Pony" Rides

For the little ones! The kids just love this 20 minute ride along the banks of Maroon Creek. They sit atop their own horse led by an experienced wrangler. Great for kids under age 7 that can’t go on the trail rides.


"The Proposal" Ride

“The Proposal Horseback Ride to Maroon Lake offers an ideal backdrop for this momentus occasion. We will take you on a half day horseback ride up to Maroon Lake, with the Maroon Bells in the background it provides you the perfect backdrop to ask her the question.

We will take you down to the lake and start taking a few pictures of you with the premise that we take pictures of all of our riders,  We act like we are done and then change our mind and say “let me take a couple more”. That my friend, is your cue to drop to a knee and deliver your best lines.  We will catch the moment on film for you as your keepsake.  After she says yes, we will escort you to a secluded little spot with a blanket to sit on and a bottle of champagne and some romantic, chocolate dipped strawberries.  We will leave you alone for 20 minutes or so before we gather you back up and hop back on our horses for the ride back.

The light is really great if we leave at 9 am, but if your schedule won’t allow, rides can be scheduled between 10am and 4pm.

$800 per couple includes  a half day horseback ride, photos, chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of champagne to enjoy.
$800/couple  A 20% gratuity will be added to this ride


Overnight Pack Trips

Base Camp

Have lunch at the trailhead while the wranglers get the horses packed up, then mount up for the ride to base camp. Once we arrive at camp and get settled in, the rest of the day is yours to ride, fish, read, hike or anything else you would like to do. Dinner is served up fresh over the coals of the fire. We mount up and ride back out the following day after a leisurely breakfast.
(4 person minimum please)
ONE NIGHT $900/person
TWO NIGHTS $1700/person


*Willow Lake

If you only do one pack trip in your life, this is it.

Experience our once a summer pack trip  for the Perseid Meteor Shower, and it is spectacular. You won't believe  the stars. This five-day trip, takes you high up into wilderness awesomeness,

We only do this trip once a summer and is it ever spectacular. This is a five-day trip, so bring a change of clothes. We ride to camp on the first day and get settled in. All meals are served over the campfire. Day two is a rest day for the horses and you are welcome to hike or fish. The day is yours. On day three, we mount up and enjoy a day ride into East Snowmass Creek where we have lunch. The fourth day, we saddle up again and explore the Upper Willow Basin and on the fifth day,  we return to the trailhead. This trip is for more experienced riders and we can take no more than six people with a minimum of four. You will remember this one forever.
$750 day/person with a 4 person minimum